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Crawley Boatshed

Crawley Boatshed

The Crawley Boatshed, an iconic location along the Swan River in Perth Western Australia and one of the most photographed locations along the river as well. With this in mind I want a photographic representation of the landmark that was not just another image of the area but more in balance with the mood, feel and ambience that the boatshed conveys as it sits along the banks of the Swan RIver.

I have travelled to the boasted countless times never really coming away with what I was really happy with. I did not want what I had seen so many times before big colourful skies or dark moody clouds that seem to take away from the prime focal point, the Crawley Boatshed itself. Finally this week after many attempts the weather and light was near perfect to what I think best represents the simplicity, colour and beauty of this little shed along the banks of the Swan River we call "The Crawley Boatshed".

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